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An American Realtor in Paris,your secret advantage.

3 Reasons People Choose to Work with Paris Living.

  • The peace of mind having your own expert on the ground
  • Avoid getting ripped off in a complex system
  • I understand American & English buyers’ needs


Malindi proposes several apartments to a young American looking to buy a small apartment in the highly sought after area in the 3rd known as Le Marais. The price per square meter there is comparable to almost twice the square meter in other Parisian neighbourhoods. It is sometimes difficult for foreigners to get used to the often diminished space in some flats, but it all depends on the ‘quartier’ you wish to live. Here is a rather shortened version of that episode from the HGTV series.


Approaching the French market as a foreigner can be a daunting experience for the first time. I understand how you might feel wading through endless listings with very dubious listing photos. Then you have to call a different agent for each property (if they ever call back) and navigate super fast French conversations or worse yet, in English.

As an American living in Paris for many years I understand how frustrating it can be, because I have been there myself. If your heart won’t be swayed and you get a little help however, the path to your dream of living in Paris can be an amazing adventure. Click ‘learn more’ below and hopefully I can help in some way.


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Having a professional like Malindi looking after the business part of the transaction. Having someone be an advocate on your behalf, you know, negotiating with the other real estate agent as well as with the condo board if need be. You can't really put a price on that.
Pascal, Paris Living Client | Purchased Property near Eiffel Tower