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Hi, I’m Malindi and I am a bilingual professional Paris real estate broker. For 14 years I have called Paris my home and I guess kind of lived the American idea of a lovely foreign adventure. Far from croissants and late morning starts though, I enjoy being a thorn in the side of my French real estate colleagues. Paris is indeed a laid-back timeless city, and that’s why I enjoy having the proactive American work ethic. It has been a real advantage as I built an agency whose prime objective will always be finding other foreigners like myself their own piece of Paris.



Full-service American run real estate agency offering service you only get in the States. We are bilingual native English speakers which means you don’t need to carry your French-English dictionary around.


Selecting and previewing properties based on your criteria that we establish together during our initial free consultation. We analyze investment potential, legal & structural risks and fiscal implications using market analysis, historical data, comparable sales and local insight.


Total transparency. We are purely a buyer’s broker so we don’t have properties to unload. It’s your preferences that count. Our relationships with local French agencies means we know how to find them.


  • Our fee is between 2% to 3% of the sale price, fixed in advance depending on the complexity of the search. 
  • Free consultation: Contact us for a free analysis of your property acquisition project, to gage your goals and our ability to fulfil them and explore your options.
  • The ease and peace of mind that comes from working with a fellow Anglophone who understands the french market in order to get you negotiation advantages.


  • Assistance after the sale for any rental or management needs.
  • Availability evenings and weekends to accommodate the reality that most people are working full time and busy during normal business hours. Most local French agencies work only during business hours and not on the weekend.


Headquartered in Paris’ chic 8th arrondissement, we work all over Paris and the suburbs of Neuilly and Vincennes.


We pride ourselves on going the extra mile with all our clients, because that’s what I’d expect back home. And frankly, thats what makes us unique in Parisian real estate.


Why do you need help to purchase your perfect Parisian home? I sat myself years ago at a café with a laptop and a pain au chocolat sifting through listings. What could possibly go wrong? Only years later would I understand that the French process was riddled with pitfalls for a foreign investor. Understanding the complications above and beyond the language barrier, I decided ...
There is a funny thing about Paris real estate. Actually there are many unusual things, especially if you are used to anglophone systems such as the U.S.. Probably the most different thing is that real estate agents in Paris are not required to pass any exams. There are no certification or education obligations which is a worry of course. And worse than that, being a non-litigious ...


NOTE: Like most of you, our clients desire privacy and so their
photos aren’t displayed. Please enquire for more information.
Most Paris real estate agents don't want to deal with someone contacting them from a foreign country, even if they are French. They are decidedly less service-oriented than what someone from north America is accustomed to.

It is not a question of language, but of being outside their normal scope of activity, which one quickly realizes is generally avoided.

Malindi was super responsive and happy to help on the other hand which was very refreshing.

Laurie, Client with accessibility needs
My wife and I began our search the perfect Parisian pied-a-terre in 2015... We searched for a year on our own but the result was never what we wanted it to be. We found Malindi and our seemingly endless search instantly had purpose, direction, and most importantly, results.

Without hesitation or solicitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Malindi to anyone who is looking to find the perfect Parisian home.

Thank you, Malindi – we are forever grateful for your help.

Casey, Client who searched 1 year with no results